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About AmeriDeck™

In 2005 the AmeriDeck™ product line was purchased by Dale and Barbara Deist of Deist Industries, Inc., and moved from Canada to Hadley, Pennsylvania. Over the past four years, Deist Industries, Inc. has enhanced the core AmeriDeck™ system as well as expanding the variety of detachable truck decks that are available to perform numerous tasks. Now AmeriDeck™ offers four different detachable decks to suit your equipment and material transportation needs.

The flagship SuperDeck provides the means to reduce accidents, damage and manpower in the transport of equipment, tools, bulky cargo, recreational vehicles, and small machinery.

Our ChoreMaster utilizes the same hydraulic lifting mechanism as the SuperDeck and is designed to transform any full size pick-up into a versatile workhorse. With solid tapered sides and a dual function dump gate, the ChoreMaster can dump over 40 cubic feet of loose material such as mulch, soil and sand. Additionally, the ChoreMaster cargo box is easily detached for use on a wide variety of job sites and can also be used to transport equipment.

The AmeriDeck™ product family also includes the SuperDeck IIITM, which is 58’’ wide and was designed for trike enthusiasts. Our SuperDeck XL is 102” wide and was engineered for transporting extra large cargo, such as two snowmobiles side by side.

Mission Statement

Established in 1993, Deist Industries, Inc. is committed to continuous Company and product improvement while providing innovative products to our customers. AmeriDeck™ is manufactured and distributed by Deist Industries, Inc. Our products are manufactured in the United States of America and distributed internationally through a network of distributors. Deist Industries, Inc. has been in the truck body manufacturing business since 1993. Beginning with Buck’s Fabricating Roll off Containers then the Switch-N-Go™ Detachable Truck Body System and now with the AmeriDeck™ Hydraulic Loading System for Pick-ups, Deist Industries, Inc. has been a leader in developing and producing progressive truck body equipment. Deist Industries, Inc. is committed to providing quality American made products at a reasonable price. Deist Industries, Inc. is a member of the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) and in 2006 attained MVP status within the organization.

Manufacturing Facility

The AmeriDeck™ products are produced entirely at our production facilities in Hadley, Pennsylvania. Covering 5.25 acres and utilizing 26,000 square feet of production space, Deist Industries, Inc. uses the following processes in the completion of our quality products. In January of 2007, Deist Industries, Inc. moved the main production of AmeriDeck™ products to their new production facility. The facility is complete with the welders, cranes and additional fixtures that are needed to build the quality products our customers expect. Also, this new facility is complete with a state-of-the-art powder coating line which allows products to move directly into the cleaning booth from the fabrication line. From there a three step cleaning process begins followed by drying, coating and baking cycles. Then short time later products with an attractive, durable and rust resistant finish are removed from the lines suspended conveyer system.

Regardless of all of the technology that we place within our facility, it is no substitute to the dedicated, hard working individuals that are committed to making quality products every day.


AmeriDeck™ is a member of the following organizations: Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, Mercer County Builders Association, Ohio Landscape Association, Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA), Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association (PLNA), Planet Professional Landcare Network and the Southern Nursery Association (SNA)

Gold Star Distributor

These select AmeriDeck™ distributors have gained a high level of distinction as they are sales teams that stock AmeriDeck™ inventory and spare parts to serve their AmeriDeck™ customers in a timely manner. The distributors are also involved in local and regional marketing, which includes trade show attendance and having an on-site demonstration truck.