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"In my quest for a way to transport our two full-size Harleys on extended summer trips, I found the AmeriDeck™ system. This type of hydraulic loading system was something I had been researching for some time. I had even began conversations with a local welding shop to fabricate such a system for my pickup, but why reinvent the wheel?

With our AmeriDeck™, SuperDeck III we can haul our Harleys in our 6.5 foot short bed pickup. Then, we can pull our truck behind our motor home. Now, when we set off for a five week long trip we have our bikes and we have enclosed transportation, too. We love the AmeriDeck™ system, it has plenty of power to load our bikes and it works beautifully. We have been asked about the system so many times that we now keep brochures handy."

Tom Potter
Satisfied AmeriDeck™ Customer

"We are a landscaping company who saw the system at a trade show and had to have it. We have both the SuperDeck and ChoreMaster decks which we use to haul all sorts of things. We have hauled sod, mulch, topsoil, various debris, equipment, generators, lumber and granite slabs. We even hauled a piano for my church.

The system makes loading so much easier because you can do it at ground level. This is a huge benefit because you don’t have to lift weight up above your head. Another benefit of the system we noticed is the preservation of your truck bed. We recently loaded about 2,000 feet of barbed wire fencing that had been torn down. If I had to load that into my pickup bed without the AmeriDeck™ to load it for me, my bed would have been trashed. Honestly, I think the AmeriDeck™ hydraulic loading system is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We have even been able to customize our SuperDeck for hauling cargo which is difficult to tie down, such as lumber. We designed a removable cargo containment gate with barn doors which fits into the side rails where our extendable/removable landing wheels belong."

Jim Maxey
Nature’s Best Landscaping, Davidsonville, MD

"I originally bought the AmeriDeck™ system intending to haul quads to the races and to have the ability to dump and haul gravel, dirt and firewood. I knew the system would be a great help but after using it a few times, I found so many other ways it came in handy. The AmeriDeck™ system really changes the way you work. You no longer have to throw stuff into the truck anymore because you can just lower the deck and load it at ground level.

I have used it to haul large air compressors, refrigerators and other large household items. To load the fridge, I simply pulled my truck up to the house, grounded the deck and slid the fridge onto the hydraulic loader. And, when I unloaded the compressor I was able to pull into my garage and drop it right where I wanted it to go. The system has worked great for me. And, my wife loves it because it saves so much effort and I'm not out there aggravating my back."

Don Shipton
Satisfied AmeriDeck™ Customer

"On behalf of Waugh Enterprises Harley-Davidson, I would like to say how appreciative I am of the AmeriDeck™ Hydraulic Loader. I highly recommend the AmeriDeck™ loader to everyone who visits our dealership. Loading and unloading of the motorcycles has become a one person job, and so we often use this truck for motorcycle deliveries."

Don Waugh
Waugh Harley-Davidson

Dan uses the system for hauling tractors and lawn mowers to the job site.  Before he purchased the system, his employees would spend a great deal of time loading/unloading equipment, and loading always required two men. “Now we are on the job and working in a matter of minutes!  My employees love the system because there are no ramps to move, and we can haul a number of hand tools along with the mowers.”

Dan says the best feature is the ability to detach and leave the SuperDeck at one job site with his crew, allowing him to be able to travel to another job site.  At the end of the day he can return and pick up the SuperDeck without needing assistance to reload his truck.  This saves Dan and his crew time and money.  In the winter months, Dan enjoys that the SuperDeck systems helps a great deal in heavy snow because he does not have to tow a trailer and that makes finding limited parking a breeze.

“I can’t say enough about this system!  I’m looking forward to purchasing another system in the near future!”

Dan Knight
Worcester Lawn Mower Service: Oxford, MA

Dave Oshust from Go-Green Lawn & Landscaping saysthat his company uses the ChoreMaster everyday for a variety of uses.  They usethe system to haul tools, wheelbarrows, lawn tractors and debris.  He states that his employees just love thesystem and they believe it is a “back saver”. At the end of the day, they are not working their backs by loading theirequipment up into the back of a truck – they use the ChoreMaster body as a dropbox and load everything at ground level.

In addition to the benefitsof loading up at the end of the day, they use it to load and unload sand, mulchand debris at ground level.  Dave alsocomments on the how the AmeriDeck systemsaves his company money.  The use lessfuel by using the pickup truck vs. their larger truck and the system saves alot of “tear and wear” on their pickup truck.

“Overall, we really love thesystem and it is such a benefit to our employees and company.”

Dave Oshust
Go-Green Lawn & Landscaping

Lancaster Harley has been in business since 1951, and we’rea family run business and in the second generation. We own a franchise formotorcycles and golf carts. We purchased our first Super Deck in November. Thiswas to replace a different loading system that wasn’t doing the job for us.

We had great service and all questions were answered when wepurchased our Super Deck. I am one happy customer .Thank you AmeriDeckfor making my job easier. 

Randy Texter
Lancaster Harley-Davidton, Inc.

I saw my first AmeriDeck™ atthe 2006 GWRRA Rally in Nashville, Tennessee. I was so impressedwith how easy it was to operate. I thought it would be great for me to load mybike on without all the hassle of ramps or a trailer.

I use the SuperDeck III for haulingbikes and trikes; the ChoreMaster is used for landscaping. I had my GMC Sierrabuilt around my SuperDeck III and into a service body truck, so I could use thesystem in my business. I have all my tools with me when I’m out on a job andeverything is at my disposal. I can drive the truck right to the spot forpick-up. I save time with no trailer that I have to maneuver around. I justdrop the deck to ground level load and I’m gone in a matter of minutes. Wherewith a trailer I’d still be worrying about where I was going to park.

When we go to bike rallies theSuperDeck III is a real show stopper. People will stop and watch us load andunload with a touch of a button. What’s nice is when we take the bike onvacation we have the option to use either vehicle. This is nice after being outriding the bike and the weather changes we can load the bike and use the truck.

This system was a greatpurchase for me.

Dave Plomaritis
Satisfied AmeriDeck™ Customer

"We use the system 4 to 5 times a day loading and off-loading our snowmobile. It is a lot easier to load the machine in the back of your truck rather than using a trailer. The AmeriDeck system has brought safety and convenience to the everyday use of our snowmobile."

Rodney Booth
Grand Teton National Park

The best benefit to owning an AmeriDeck system is the ability to pull something up from ground level. When I am hauling hot water tanks it is much easier to use the AmeriDeck rather than lifting the tank into the back of a truck or van. I have used the system for hauling my motorcycle and hot water tanks for my business. The AmeriDeck system is awesome to have; it makes my work much easier. I love the system and I would defiantly recommend it to some one else.

Robert Knaack
AmeriDeck Customer

"I like the system because when I go to pick up a bike I have a very professional looking system vs. a couple of ramps. Another nice thing about the system, that customers love, is that there is very little handling of the bike. The less you touch a customer’s bike the better. Before I had the AmeriDeck system I had to push the bike up ramps and I had to sit on the bike to strap it down. Now, I just push the bike on to the deck and into the wheel chalk and I strap it down. The AmeriDeck is so easy to use and it is very professional looking to my customers. I call it my Shock and Awe, because the customers are speechless when they see it and impressed when they see how easy it is to run.

                I use the system about 4 times a week and I have towed everything from regular motorcycles to choppers. I went from pushing a bike up a ramp to rolling it on a deck that is laying flat on the ground, so physical labor wise it is so much easier to use."


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